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Perth Solar Force $1000 Guarantee

What is the Guarantee?

We guarantee that your solar system will produce enough energy in its first year of operation to save you over $1,000 off your electricity bill.

How does it work and how can I make a claim?

If after the first 12 months of operation of your solar system, it has not produced enough energy to have reduced your electricity bill by $1,000 we will pay you $1,000.

To calculate this, we look at the generation statistics from your inverter and multiply the total units generated over the year by the cents per unit you are paying to your electricity distributer on your electricity bill.

If you think you may be eligible for this guarantee, please send copies of your electricity invoices for the period covering the 12 months after your initial install date as well as the generation statistics from your inverter to admin@perthsolarforce.com.au and we will assess your claim.

What are the exclusions?

The guarantee does not apply to:

  • Solar systems that are smaller than 5kW.
  • Repairs, alterations, re-installation, repositioning or modifications by anyone other than a service technician approved by us in writing.
  • Solar systems where we have not been made aware of faults affecting performance within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Solar systems that have been damaged due to negligent, accidental or deliberate misuse, abuse or neglect.
  • Something beyond human control that occurred after installation e.g. Natural disasters.