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Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

Perth Solar Force offers Solar Panel Cleaning and maintenance services. 

Why is this important?

On average, a dirty solar panel can actually lose up to 30% efficiency, compared to a clean panel. Rain does not clean your panels, it carries minerals which can build up over time and leave your panel surface dirty and cloudy. Perth Solar Force uses a cleaning agent specially designed for cleaning solar panels. Its highly efficient, gentle on the panels and 100% biodegradable. 

  • Top-quality solar panel clean
  • Solar system health check
  • Electricity bill analysis
  • Insured and accredited 
  • Best price in WA!
  • Residential and commercial systems

Get your Solar Panel Cleaning and health check from only $99!

Call us on 1300 773 669  or email

Call us on 1300 773 669 or email