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Adding batteries to existing solar systems

Wanting to Add a Battery to Your Existing Solar System?

If you wish to add a battery to an existing system it is best if you already have a hybrid inverter, however it can still be done if you have a standard inverter by adding a retrofit battery system.

To Retrofit a battery system to your home with an existing solar power unit, all you need to do is add a battery inverter, a metering unit (not the one your energy retailer uses) and the battery to your system.

The Technical Stuff

A battery inverter works a little differently to a solar inverter. A solar inverter only has to convert DC power from the panels into AC power for your home. A battery inverter will need to convert DC power from the batteries into AC power for the home and convert AC power from the home (which could come from the grid or your existing solar) to DC power for the batteries because batteries store power in DC, not AC.

Don’t have a hybrid inverter, but still want battery storage? No worries. We may need to alter your solar system slightly, so call us and have a chat about your options

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