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SOlar Battery

Solar batteries are devices that can be added to your solar power system, that store the energy your panels create, and can be used when your solar panels stop producing energy at night.

This saves you from purchasing power from your electricity company to power your home, as you can use your own that you created and that is stored in your battery system. Solar batteries are also useful in blackouts and power outage situations.

You need to have a fully functioning solar system, with panels connected to an inverter, in order to add a battery to your system.

As battery storage systems are a serious health and safety risk if incorrectly installed, it is recommended that you contact a qualified and experienced solar battery professional like Perth Solar Force for residential and commercial installations.

We can also recommend different solar storage solutions, such as hybrid solar systems, based on your particular circumstances.

We stock recognised solar battery brands including Tesla Powerwalls, Redback batteries, BYD batteries and LG batteries. For more information on our range, view the spec sheets below.

Our Range of Solar Batteries:
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