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Solar Systems Checklist

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What to check for before you get solar installed:

There are many things that need to be considered before buying a solar system. To give you the most optimal system for your needs, a solar company will need to look at your property, and work out which system will fit best. 

They need to check the size of your roof space, the degree of tilt on your roof, work and how many panels will fit in the desired orientations, where your roof trusses lay and the type of material you have on your roof…so many things but all crucial to getting it right!

Solar Market Checks:
The solar market is very competitive with many poor-quality installers and one-man bands jumping on the solar train to make a quick buck.

There is always someone who is willing to do it cheaper. However ask yourself these Questions. 

Will they do the job properly with a quality install?

Can they provide after sales service and support?

Will they be around in a few years if you need assistance? 

Are they a CEC Authorised Solar Retailer? You can find out why it is important to choose a CEC Authorised Solar Retailer here.

Choosing the right company is essential, as a bungled solar panel job could cost you far more than anticipated, not to mention it can be very dangerous if not done properly! Solar systems have a huge amount of electricity running through them and can cause electrical fires, if not installed correctly. Ensure that your company has their own install team, of CEC Accredited Installers.

Solar Quotes (Australia’s most trusted site for unbiased solar quotes) recommends the following checklist to ensure you are choosing the right company for your solar panel system experience.

We have the highest platinum ratings for installers based off the Solar Quote’s website, but if that hasn’t sold you, read more about why you should choose PSF here.

Clean Energy Council - Accredited Installer
Clean Energy Council - Approved Solar Retailer
NECA | National Electrical and Communications Association