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Inverters Faults & Repairs

Perth Solar Force have a specialised support team dedicated to helping you fix any issues with your solar system that might arise. Here are a few things we can help with. 

What can we do for you?

  • If your old inverter has stopped working we supply and install a replacement for you and remove your old unit for recycling.
  • If your system isn’t performing as well as it used to we can perform a service check on your system to ensure that everything is work to its maximum potential.
  • Has your original installer disappeared or closed up shop but you’re having issues with your system.
  • If your inverter is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty we can process that warranty for you and organise a replacement on your behalf.
  • Have you experienced a roof leak because of your solar install? We can find and rectify the cause of the leak and then organise the repair works for you.
  • Have you had a system installed but it just doesn’t look right? We can complete an independent inspection for you and supply a report complete with photos showing any outstanding work or issues and recommendations moving forwards.




Frequently Asked Questions

Your Solar system will shut down as soon as the sun goes down and will turn on again once the sun come up in the morning. This is to stop your inverter drawing power from Synergy to keep the screen on and costing you money overnight.

For the safety of personnel working on the power lines, if your power goes out your inverter has to automatically turn off. Once the power comes back on your inverter will begin working as normal again. One exception to this is if you have a battery system with a backup power option.

A battery connected to your solar system will charge up using excess power being produced during the day and then discharge in the evening to offset your use of power once your inverter cannot fully power your home anymore. However, some batteries systems have a backup power option, which allow a circuit to be wired in that will run off of the battery if the power goes out in your area. Common items covered on this backup circuit are fridge/freezers, garage doors, security systems, essential lighting (such as on the staircase or by the front door) or airators for fish tanks.

This means that your inverter is no longer connected to your home Wi-Fi network and your monitoring app will not be able to communicate with your inverter. If you are ever unsure there is a label on the left hand side of your inverter that explains what all off the different status lights mean.

There are a couple of reasons why your monitoring app isn’t working but in most cases your inverter will still be producing power. If your system has only just been completed it may take a few hours before all of the information is displayed on your monitoring ap correctly. If you have changed your internet provider, internet router or Wi-Fi password, you will need to update the details on your inverter to re-connect it. Please see our Wi-Fi’s setup page or contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us on 1300 773 669. There is a slight possibility that your inverter isn’t working but there will either be a fault displayed on the screen of the inverter or the screen will be off whilst the sun is out, in this scenario or if you are unsure please contact our office on 1300 773

Unless you have consumption monitoring installed with your solar system, the profit displayed on your monitoring app is just an estimation of the monetary saving for your system. With out having the consumption of the house monitored it is impossible to tell in real time how much power is being used within your home and saving you 26 cents per unit by not purchasing it from Synergy, and how much is being exported as excess production for a 7 cents per unit credit. We set all of our monitoring apps to calculate power produced at 7 cents so that your app displays the worst case scenario as if you are away on holiday and everything is turned off and all of your produced power is being exported. In this way you will always save more on your Synergy bills than the app is indicating.

Synergy read every household electricity meter to get the information for producing your bill. The monitoring app is only for your reference and does not affect your Synergy bill at all.

Of course!

We have a thorough explanation of a synergy bill linked at the bottom of this page, check it out or click here for more info. 

We have included a Bi-Directional meter explanation attached to the bottom of this page. For more information on how a Western Power meter works, check it out, or click here.

We have included the government letter to homeowners about un-enclosed junctions. Check it out below or click here

We have attached the government letter to homeowners about RCD’s for more info on this. Check it out below, or click here. 

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