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Why get Solar for your business?

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to invest in a solar system for your business.

The first and most obvious reason – heavily reducing utility costs. 

Any company from small to medium businesses through to large enterprises will all have utility or operational costs that are a part of the functioning costs of their day to day business. 

Solar systems allow you to decrease your utility costs drastically.

How you will save:
Solar systems create energy from sunlight, therefore all hours roughly between 7am and 7pm (depending on the season) will provide your building with free energy. This is especially beneficial to businesses because most businesses operate between 9am to 5pm meaning most of your energy during those hours will be drawn from your own mini power grid. 

This is a great asset that will continue for over 25 years reducing your business overheads by thousands of dollars. Not to mention this also allows you to avoid the ever-increasing price of electricity from local providers!

Solar is becoming more affordable, and due to so much government support, it makes it easier to make the changes possible. Check out our government incentives and finance options pages for more information.

As solar is a zero-emissions energy source, solar power usage is able to avoid 1 tonne of C02 carbon emissions from every 1MWh of solar!

Build up your Corporate Social Responsibility.

What is this?
This is a popular initiative where company’s build up their brand reputation, to show you care about a cause. The most common CSR initiatives now involve sustainability and environmental issues and lowering carbon emissions. So why not start with the easiest option that does that – solar. 

As well as having positive recognition and morality aligned with your company, solar actually benefits you too! Due to climate change, we are living in an era where everyone is being held accountable for their carbon footprint and the impact their businesses are having on the environment. 

Many businesses are changing their practices to become more environmentally friendly by recycling, reducing and reusing. Adding solar to those practices will definitely build up your CSR!

As solar is a zero-emissions energy source, solar power usage is available to avoid 1tonne of CO2 from every 1MWh of solar.