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Perth Solar Force are highly experienced in solar storage solutions, such as hybrid batteries.

With a wide range of quality brands and products, our energy specialists can help you find the perfect energy storage solution to suit your needs.

There are 2 different phrases used to describe how a solar panel system interacts with the electricity grid, these are “grid-connected” and “off-grid” systems.

1. Grid connected systems are able to export energy produced back to the grid and may be eligible for a feed-in tariff.

2. Off-grid systems are not connected to the grid and are usually connected up to a battery in order to store the excess energy generated. The majority of solar panel installations in Perth are grid-connected systems.

How do batteries work?
Solar batteries are devices that can be added to your solar system, that stores energy your panels create, and can be used when your solar panel stops producing energy at night.

This saves you from purchasing power from your electricity company to power your home, as you can use your own that you created and that is stored in your battery system. 

You need to have a fully functioning solar system, with panels connected to an inverter, in order to add in a battery to your system. However if you are looking at purchasing a solar system, there are steps you can take to add a battery straight away, or to add one on later. 

Batteries are great in a blackout or power outage situations, or during the night, where not much power is used. 

There are different battery technologies and connection options which we can recommend based on your individual circumstances. Click here and find out which battery is best for you. 

Our Range of Batteries:
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