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Off Grid solar Systems

Off-grid solar systems consist of solar panels and inverters for power generation and then batteries for excess power. 

Solar systems that are connected to the grid, need to use the grid energy when the sun goes down at night, and solar panels stop producing energy. 

Off-grid systems need to store extra energy for later use (as they are not connected to the grid). Off grid systems generate power from the sun during the day, and then store extra energy for night-time use in the batteries. 

These systems need to be carefully designed to meet the individual needs of the home/business owner and will vary greatly from property to property so please contact us for a personalised quotation.

Batteries as a Back Up
Batteries can provide a back up to your home. If the grid suddenly goes down, during a power outage, your battery can then provide back up power to your home. 

However a battery’s level of energy storage is limited and may only be able to support one or two rooms in your house. 

It is important to decide what you would like to prioritise in your household for this matter, as it requires some rewiring for your switchboard.

Going Off-grid
We have several options for off grid installations, please contact us for more information on your battery options and a personalised quote.

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