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What Are Solar Batteries And How Do They Work?


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Residential solar batteries are becoming more popular in Australia with each passing year.

According to a recent report released by independent solar market analyst, SunWiz, Aussies installed 30,246 residential solar battery systems in 2021, and further 33,000 residential solar battery systems are expected to be installed in 2022 – how great is that!

But what exactly are solar batteries, how do they work, and what are their advantages?

Keep reading to find out more!

Solar batteries are devices that store excess energy produced from your rooftop solar panel system so that you can use it at night-time or on a cloudy day. Without a solar battery, your excess solar power will be sent to the grid where you earn a small feed-in tariff.

Solar batteries can provide many benefits for homeowners such as:


Help reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid

High temperatures, as well as rising coal and gas prices, have been driving up electricity prices recently. Recognising this, many Western Australians are opting to install solar panels and use solar power – a clean and renewable energy source – to protect themselves from further electricity price increases. Solar batteries can store excess solar energy generated by your panels during the day for use at night, when electricity rates are typically higher.


Back up in the event of a power outage

Power outages can be caused by a range of factors – from bushfires, lighting and heatwaves to fallen trees and car accidents. While some power outages can be brief and only last a few hours, some can leave residents without power for several days while work is undertaken to fix the issue.

Solar batteries can help keep your power running during a power outage. This can be extremely beneficial in keeping the food in your fridge from spoiling, cooking food with an electric stove etc.


Environmental benefits 

Solar panels do not produce air pollution or greenhouse gases whilst operating. Greenhouse gases, produced when fossil fuels (such as coal, oil and natural gas) are burned, are causing temperatures around the world to rise and are driving climate change. 

Solar batteries, in a way, boost the positive effect that solar panels have since you are reducing your reliance on the grid by using more solar power at night or during cloudy days.


How much do solar batteries cost?

Several factors influence the cost of a solar battery. This includes a battery’s storage capacity (what size you need will be determined by how much power your family consumes), product quality and the materials it is made of.

Please note that you also need to have a fully functioning solar panel system, with panels connected to a solar inverter, in order to add a solar battery to your system.

Still on the fence about solar batteries? Or not sure which solar battery is right for you? Contact the team at Perth Solar Force today!

We have can recommend different solar storage solutions depending on your needs and stock a wide range of solar batteries from recognised brands like Tesla, LG, Huawei and Solar Edge.


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