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Why Autumn Is a Good Time to Install Solar

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After what is now being considered Perth’s hottest summer on record [1], Autumn is officially here in Western Australia and with that finally brings the promise of some cooler days. But there are still plenty of sunny days left to come! Many people, unfortunately, overlook Autumn as a good time to install solar panels, but it’s actually one of the best times of the year to do so. Here’s why:


The Weather

In Perth, summer conditions can last until the middle of April and wintery conditions typically arrive in May. During Autumn, we typically experience average temperatures of between 13.7 and 26°C, with many days of sunshine and the occasional days with showers and some humidity.

Many people mistakenly think that solar panels do not work during cooler temperatures, but that is not the case. Solar panels convert sunlight – not heat – into electricity that you can use to power your home appliances (like your fridge, air conditioner and washing machine), and in actual fact, extremely hot temperatures can lead to drop-offs in power production and even lead to your system overheating*.


Get Ready For Winter

With many people and entire families in Perth transitioning to working and studying from home it is likely that when winter arrives they will start to utilise their air-conditioning unit for heating and for longer periods than usual – which will no doubt have a big impact on their electricity bill.

Installing solar panels now will mean that you will have your solar panel system up and running in time to offset your higher energy consumption in Winter. To find out how much you could save on your electricity bill by installing solar panels, check out our solar calculator.


Beat the Spring and Summer Rush

Spring and Summer are typically the busiest seasons of the year for solar companies. This can mean longer wait times for installations (sometimes up to four to six weeks). Why not beat the rush and get solar panels installed in Autumn instead? Then you will be fully prepared for the upcoming Winter, Spring and Summer!


The Next Steps

If you are interested in getting solar in Perth, contact the knowledgeable team at Perth Solar Force today.

We install high-quality solar panel systems suited to each client’s individual needs and requirements.

When we provide our professional quotations, we factor in things such as your roof space, optimal panel location and orientation, the pitch and structural soundness of your roof as well as the impact of shade e.g. from nearby trees or chimneys.

We also ensure that our solar panel systems adhere to all of the relevant building codes, electrical standards and other important requirements. To learn more about our processes and other important solar information read our frequently asked questions page or contact us today!

*If you suspect that the latter has occurred, please contact your solar panel company as they can send someone out to safely inspect your system and provide you with recommendations going forwards.


[1] ‘WA weather delivers Perth its hottest summer on record as scientists predict trend to continue’ by Tyne Logan for the ABC, February 2022.